The Secrets of al-Sulat

The Story So Far...

or 'The Ship of Theseus for Adventurers'

In Gana, the City of Riches, after returning from a short quest to retrieve a golden bowl (which they then ate from), the party was forced into a series of alleys by a parade. No matter which way they went, they ended up in the same place, and finally decided to speak to the old man hawking wares in a sing-song voice in the alley.

For a steep price, he sold them a map and a vague “key” to a treasure that he claimed would make the characters richer than the caliph. They left with their key and the map, suggesting they should begin their search in the strange and little-known island town of Bandar al Sadat. [Nick’s character] recognized the name of the town and knew its vague location in Nada al-Hazan, but knew nothing specific about where in the archipelago the town is.

The party then decided to head to the docks in order to find someone who knew the location, then to book passage. [Drew’s character] set up a barber’s stool and eventually groomed the beard of a dwarf in the service of the Bashir al-Assad mercantile company. He told the party that he had overheard them speaking of Bandar al Assat, and that he could provide transportation to a different location in Nada al-Hazan, but he required a service first.

He told the party of a warehouse a day north and half a day west of the city, past the marshes and into the desert. Within that warehouse (likely guarded), the party would find three eggs that his employer desired. If they could return those eggs to him on the morning of the third day, he would provide passage for free.

The party set out quickly and arrived not far from the guarded warehouse. They decided to make camp and wait until dawn to attack, but during the night, they were attacked by one of the mythical yak-men. They defeated him and assaulted the warehouse, killing everyone within and ransacking the contents. It was full of silks and spices – all bearing the sigils of different merchants – but found no eggs.

Eventually, they found a secret passage leading to a magically created deep below. They found another hidden door leading to a room with two eggs on a pedestal. Removing the eggs without caution ended up triggering a trap, and the party was forced to fight a summoned sandling, which ended up almost killing their ranger. Upon defeating him, they gathered horses, stolen silks, and waterskins. Among the stolen goods, they found a tapestry known to be stolen from the Grand Caliph’s palace: The First Caliph takes his Wife. They also gathered this in hopes of a reward for its return.

Though they lost two horses to heat and thirst before realizing that [Ben’s character] made a damn good draft horse, they arrived safely at the oasis that night, but ended up setting the merchants there at alarm. So bad was their offense that hospitality was cut to curt, offensive levels, and both groups slept under uneasy guard. In the morning, the party decided against returning to the dwarven merchant, fearing that he missing egg would be cause for his wrath. Instead, they will provision for a long trip, so [Ally’s character] and [Drew’s character] returned to Gana with the riding horses and silks. They met a fence named Yusuf bin Salat who bought their silk and offered to buy other stolen goods they ran across in the future. They met another merchant who sold potions, but offended him and probably should not return.

After stocking up with a week of provisions, they returned to the oasis to make preparations to head first to Jumlat, then to Huzuz, where they will return the Grand Caliph’s tapestry.


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