The Secrets of al-Sulat

Friends to My Left and to My Right

or 'Will we ever make it to f-ing Jumlat?'

Picking up with the festivities, the party carefully negotiated another half an hour or so of tense conversation with the adventuring party they met, who hinted that the al-Assad mercantile company was in the business of slave raiding and black market flesh sales. They also warned the party against entering Jumlat, as The Darkness was making things difficult for the wealthy, so the wealthy were making things difficult for everyone else.

After saying their goodbyes and heading safely into the delta, Ally’s character spotted someone crawling in the distance. Upon arriving, she saw that it was a young human male, disemboweled but still alive. He said that he had been caught unaware by men in black, attacked, not robbed, but left for dead. He asked for transport back to his family, which the party agreed to give him. He gave directions from the mouth of the delta – north to the chimney rock, then immediately west. Through a natural stone arch and into a hollow.

Rachel’s character cast a cure spell on him and bandaged his wounds, during the trip, but the injuries were terrible. However, an hour into the journey, she noticed that he was healing much faster than he should be. Not long after that, he lost control of himself in his sleep and changed into hybrid werelion form.

After a bit of discussion, the party decided not to leave him, as the wagon would not be fast enough to escape a pride of werelions should they find the body and decide to follow. Ally and Rachel went alone and met with the pride. After short but tense negotiations, they went back for the wounded cub and returned him to his family. The leader of the pack promised one favor, but no more.

Feeling relieved at their luck, the party headed back on the road to Jumlat. Arrival in the rich delta was accompanied by farms and vineyards, though one was smoldering from a recent attack by the forces of the sultan. The party investigated and found a weeping and drunk tasked winemaker genie, crushed at the loss of the vineyard he had put so much time into. Drew offered to find him a new master.

After trying to negotiate with one absentee landowner, he managed to find one at home. He gave the party 100 dinari to go to town and find Aladdin at an inn, which Ally’s character swiftly did. Aladdin turned out to be an unscrupulous Sha’ir who imprisoned the genie and turned him over to the equally unscrupulous landowner.

The session ended with the party trying to decide how to approach the situation: contact the brown-robed haters of slavery in the mountain pass, attack the villa and free the genie, contact the authorities, or destroy the vintner’s reputation.


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