The Secrets of al-Sulat

Continuing to Jumlat

or 'The Brown-Robed Men Made Me Soil Myself'

After recovering from the pack of Debbi, the party set out to find their lost horses. They tracked them to a small mountain path, clearly not wide enough for the beasts. The path ended up being an illusion, but only Chris and Drew’s characters passed their save, so they alone made their way up through the illusory wall and into a wide, paved area housing a fortress. The fort was defensible and obviously in use, but just as obviously empty at the moment. A number of warhorses were present, in addition to the party’s till-hobbled pair. The two quickly retrieved them and the party continued on.

That night at camp, a pack of jackals attacked the horses, but were quickly chased off. A pack horse was seriously wounded, but the cleric took care of it. The next morning, riding out of the mountains, Ally’s character spotted three lions stalking a trio of fully laden camels. She charged with her lance and the party backed her up, eventually slaying the lions and rescuing the camels.

A cursory glance about the are showed a large number of tracks heading up a small path off the side of the road. Assuming this is where the erstwhile owners of the camels must be, the party walked up into the remnants of a bloodbath. A dozen bodies were littered about the area, ten wearing the sigil of the al-Assad mercantile company and two in plain brown robes.

While examining the bodies, six riders came down the path, all in nondescript brown robes. They surveyed the carnage and claimed to know nothing of the events, but in a tongue-in-cheek and obviously lying manner. Our brave adventurers offered hospitality, and the pair of parties descended the mountains and build an impromptu shelter in order to share wine, song, stories, pickled fish, and a short jousting tournament.


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